Bitcoin blender is a great service if you want to stay anonymous while shopping online. It is also useful if you want to make P2P payments or donations. The service is used to blend someone’s funds and give them fresh bitcoins. The main focus here is that blenders spoil the trail so someone can try to find the source. The best mixers are the ones that keep you as anonymous as possible. You want all bitcoin transactions to be very difficult to trace. That’s where using our bitcoin scrambling service makes sense. It makes it easier to protect your income and personal data. The reason you want to use our service is because you want to hide your coins from hackers and third parties. They can analyze the blockchain and track your personal information to steal your bitcoins. With our Bitcoin glasses, you have nothing to worry about anymore.

The advantages of using a reputable bitcoin blending service

The working principle of this resource is that blender io sends all users’ coins to a single account, mixes them and distributes the coins to users. You get the same amount of cleared bitcoins (excluding fees), including some bitcoins from different parts of the blockchain. This makes it almost impossible to analyze. In addition, the mixer sends you a guarantee letter. This guarantee email confirms the commitment of the Bitcoin blender company and indicates that the service has created an address for the user to send it to. This email is always signed from the main blender io bitcoin account (published on Bitcoin blender biz). The service also uses a unique 12-character code and once this is done the user cannot get their coins back. Please save this code, it is required for the affiliate program Bitcoin blender biz has an affiliate program where users are rewarded for bringing other users to the platform. For every transaction you refer, you are paid a commission.

Should you trust decentralized or centralized bitcoin blenders?

Bitcoin blender biz’s robust privacy policy is based on several points: no registration or identification is required. Transaction history is deleted after 72 hours. Randomization feature makes it difficult to analyze protocols; Tor browser support. Blender Bitcoin offers all the anonymity and security that comes standard with Bitcoin Mixers, plus many additional features and benefits not found anywhere else. When withdrawing using a new address, the coins returned are completely separated from all previous histories on the blockchain, making it virtually impossible to link your identity to your transaction history.SmartMix charges only 0.5% of the deposit amount plus a fee of 0.5% for each withdrawal address. 0001 BTC and 0.00005 BCH. Up to five output addresses can be set. The privacy policy allows you to delete all mixing information upon completion. This resource provides fast and reliable bitcoin mixing through a simple and attractive user interface. blender bitcoin, unlike its competitors, has created two additional features for its customers: 1. Affiliate program. Share your anonymous referral links and earn cryptocurrency bonuses. You get 50% of the service fee for every blending transaction made through your link; 2. Loyalty Rewards Program. Use your anonymous SmartClub code for every shuffle and get a discount on the service fee. The more you blend, the more you save. currently only supports bitcoin blends, but plans to offer ETH blends in the near future. has been featured on News, BTC Crypto News and The Next Web. It is building a PhD degree and credibility. Very modern and advanced user-oriented interface. Up to five exit addresses possible. Obviously no logs are stored. Impressive user control. Fund allocation and latency for each output address can be manually controlled. Commissions can also be set manually. The lowest commission is 0.5%, which is more than acceptable. The highest commission is 5%. Apparently, a blockchain transaction fee of 0.25 mBTS is added to the selected fee. There is even a ‘power meter’ that shows the strength of the blend based on all selected factors. No registration is required. And a blend code is provided to ensure that all outputs are fresh and not linked to previous deposits. One of the richest currency mixers in the industry, can mix not only Bitcoin, but also Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum (coming soon). It also has perhaps the most colorful and easy-to-use interface I’ve ever seen. Users have 100% control over every aspect of the mix. For example, they can control the exact commission amount (up to the fourth decimal place), the exact time delay (in minutes and hours) and the percentage distribution. It is transparent and even has a ‘commission calculator’ that shows the exact amount the user will receive for each additional address and the total service and address fee. Up to eight exit addresses are allowed in total. The minimum service fee a user can pay is 1% and the maximum is 5%. Additional address fees are 0.00045529 BTC, 0.01072904 LTC and 0.00273174 BCH for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash respectively. There are three pools of funds from different sources with different levels of anonymity. There is a ‘no registration policy’. No registration required.