In this world of advanced technology, people cannot live without the internet. Individuals like to use high-speed internet so that they can stay in touch with global incidents. If you are living in Singapore, you must have noticed that Fibre Broadband is quite popular in this country. Fibre broadband has made it possible to use hassle-free interest services.

Top Home-fibre broadband in Singapore

Whether it is zoom meeting or surfing websites, or watching movies, high-speed internet is always n demand. In Singapore, this demand has nicely been fulfilled with the help of Fibre Broadband. Many are still unaware of effective broadband services in Singapore, and all can check below about popular broadband services.

  • M1

M1 comes among the top fibre broadband in Singapore. Individuals can enjoy the speed of 500 Mbps to 2 Gbps. The basic price of this broadband is $$29.90. Users have confirmed that this broadband is excellent for gaming.

  • Singtel

Among top broadband services, Singtel mobile broadband 500mb has emerged popular in recent times. The speed of this broadband is between 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps. The basic price of this broadband is S$44.90 per month. This scheme offers rebates between S$5 to S$10 on monthly bills depending on the selection of plans.

  • StarHub

Among the top high-speed broadband in Singapore, StarHub is quite popular. This broadband offers 500 Mbps to 2 Gbps, and the price of this service starts from S$29.90. This broadband comes with an offer of free Disney plus+ for selected plans. Individuals can also opt for dedicated plans for large homes.

  • MyRepublic

Another top-ranked broadband service in Singapore is MyRepublic. This service comes with a speed of 200 Mbps to 2Gbps. The price of this broadband starts at S$37.99. This service comes with a free termination for the plans you select. A one-time bill is S$20, and people can get a rebate for the plans they select.

  • ViewQwest

ViewQwest seems to be another popular broadband service in Singapore. The speed of this broadband ranges between 1Gbps to 2 Gbps. The price of this service starts from S$28.99, and it comes with affordable plans. Individuals can have free 3 months SecureNet options. The onsite installation, worth S$ 100, during business hours, is free. The company also offers free 3 months FDNS, worth S$32.10.

  • WhizComes

Among top internet broadband companies, WhizComes comes among the top broadband service providers. It comes with a yearly plan with an installation fee of S$17.

All those above broadband services come with advanced features, and you can select any plan of your choice and need. No doubt, all those above broadband services are popular in Singapore, but many suggest that Singtel is the fastest among them. So, loads of schemes are available with broadband services, and you can make payments using credit cards.

Top credit cards in Singapore

Do you know about available credit cards in Singapore? Many are in requirement of Petrol credit cards, and all can check below the necessary details.

  • DBS Esso

Among the best credit card in Singapore for petrolmaximum motorists prefer this petrol credit card. This card enables you to get a 21.6% discount on fuel. This card gives you an instant discount of 18%, and you can get an additional saving of 3.6%.

  • OCBC 365

For individuals who like to get petrol at the local service station, OCBC 365 is the best choice. It is an everyday cashback card that offers buyers rewards for various categories. Users can get 5% cashback and 22.1% fuel savings in Caltex. Besides, you can get other discounts like 6% on dining, 3% on groceries, land transport at 3%, and online travel at 3%.

  • Citi Cash Bank Credit Card

It is another petrol credit card that helps you to save up to 20.88%. Once you get this credit card, you will get Esso Station Discount at 5%, Esso Smiles Card Discount at 5%, etc. Shell customers can also get Shell site Discount of 5%, Shell Escape discount of 5%, Citi Card discount of 4%, etc. Besides, you can also enjoy cash discounts on dining at 6%, groceries at 8%, other retail purchases at 0.25%, etc.

  • Maybank World Mastercard

Once you search for the top-ranked petrol credit card, here is Maybank world Mastercard that will be the best option. This card will help you to enjoy 4 air miles per dollar. While you use a corporate fuel card, you can get 15% discount. This petrol card offers you complimentary travel insurance coverage is S$100000.

  • UOB One Card

It is another popular petrol credit card that will allow you to enjoy a discount of upto 21.15%. Buyers can get an almost 17% instant discount. These discounts include S$5 Shell Station Discount, S$5 Shell Escape Card Discount, etc.

Apart from those above, you can also enjoy discounts using HSBC Platinum VISA Credit Card.


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